That Step Too Far

As some of you know, my roommate Todd, and I have a band with frequent commenter Kiddicus. This has been about the craziest week ever for this tiny little band with one gig under its belt. Our drummer fractured a rib and wasn't going to be able to play the show that we have scheduled on Saturday, and then decided that as long as he was on the shelf, he really didn't want to play with us anymore. We have no problems with him and wish him well, but it left us in an even more interesting situation as we have shows scheduled for March 5th and March 30th.

Brent Kirby who is a singer now, but was originally a drummer offered to help us out and save the day. Big thanks go out to him by the way. And then my guitar teacher KB tracked down an old friend, Brad, who was interested in playing with us. Brad came out and played on Wednesday and is really good, so he is going to be playing with us on Saturday and possibly on a permanent basis going forward.

Oh, and I have been sick the last two days. I have a sore throat and a mild cough. So, singing on Saturday should be interesting. The show must go on I guess. So, if you want to come out on Saturday, you will get to see us with a drummer who has had only two practices and me with some sort of vocal plague.

I was standing around talking to some people today and they were talking about trouble they had gotten into in the past. There were about 8 or 9 people there altogether. One guy was talking about how a guy pulled a shotgun on them while they were turfing a lawn (ie driving all over it) and I mentioned that pulling a gun could probably get you into trouble.

Craig: "The way things are nowadays, if the guy shoots your car, you could probably sue him for the damage."


Guy #1: "Yeah, that's why my dad always said if you were going to shoot someone, you better just pull them back into your house."

Craig: "Yeah, that's why I keep a bag of lime in MY garage."

Guy #2: "Umm, Craig, what are you talking about lime?"

I did my best to explain to them that I had seen a movie about John Wayne Gacy and that was what he put on his victims after he killed them and buried them in the basement, but I don't think anyone thought it was funny anymore with me talking about dead body decomposition. It didn't seem like that much of a jump, but maybe I am underestimating just how sick I am.

It certainly wasn't funny with me explaining it.