Don't Effing Bid Then, You Ebay Loser

I have never sold a golf club on Ebay before. I have no idea what it costs to ship a golf club across the country. So, when I listed a golf club that I was selling on Ebay for my dad, I decided to take a look at their guidelines for shipping costs. They said the average shipping (and handling?) price was $47. I, being a not-so-greedy type, put down $40 for my shipping (and handling?) expense and started the auction.

Silly me, I should have gone around to look and see what actual shipping charges were for other current auctions, but I didn't. So, as it turned out, my shipping charges were a little higher than normal on this auction. Average golf club shipping prices seem to be around $15-30. I made a mistake. Oh well.

So, then the questions from Ebay members started rolling in about my auction. "Is that a typo?", asked one potential buyer. "Is that really what you are charging for shipping?", asked another.

No problem really. I will just go on and change the shipping cost. Except that after one person bids on an item, you can't change the price of anything. My bad. I screwed up. I am going to have to live with the mistake. Oh well.

Another 10 questions come in from Ebay members.

I am now annoyed, but not letting anyone know that I am annoyed, because, afterall, it was my mistake and they are just being inquisitive...

Until one email from a prospective Ebayer put me over the edge.

I opened the mail, and it said the following:

"45.00 shipping what bolonga"

(Hulk no like uppity golfer criticizing me with the "ask question" feature of ebay. Hulk angry. AARRGGGGHHHH!)

My reply:

"YOU DON'T (expletive deleted) TALK TO ME LIKE THAT!!! If you don't want to pay that amount of shipping then don't (expletive deleted) bid on it. That is the surest way to avoid having to pay those "bolonga" fees, you (expletive deleted) (expletive deleted)."

Well, that is what I wanted to write, but I have matured in actions, if not in my own head. After dropping all the swear words, I ACTUALLY wrote this calm reply...

"It was a typo and they wouldn't let me change it. But it doesn't really matter. Don't bid. By the way, this Ebay feature is for you to send me questions, not so you can criticize my auction.

Not trying to be a jerk, but why would you send this to me? If you think it is bologna, then don't bid. Simple as that."

I am such an adult now. Even when I feel like being rude and someone sets me off a little bit, I compose myself to the point of giving a mature response.

At least I have this forum so I can share with you all those glorious words that I wanted to send to this guy.